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2019 Berkshire Cricket Girls Festivals

2019 Berkshire Cricket Girls Festivals

This is the Form for the Girls U11 to U17 and Academy payment for the Malvern and Middlesex Festivals

Do not complete this form if you have not been sent a letter of confirmation.

This form gives the ability pay for the respective festivals either as a once off payment or over a period of time.

Malvern Festivals

  • Girls County U11 - Down's School, 12 to 15 August 2019 - £248
  • Girls Fawns U13 - Down's School, 30 July to 02 August 2019 - £248
  • Girls County U13 - Malvern College, 20 to 23 August 2019 - £254
  • Girls County U15 - Malvern College, 6 to 9 August 2019 - £280
  • Girls County U17 - Malvern College, 15 to 18 July 2019 - £290
  • Girls Academy - Wellington College, 19 to 21 August 2019 - £230

Please ensure that you complete all fields correctly as this will be used for reference back to your registration and further communication.

Please tick this box to confirm that you / the applicant have completed the Club Registration Form for the 2019 Season as this is required to participate on this course. Registration is only valid for 1 year (01 sep to 31 Aug) and must be renewed annually.

Please ensure that you, the player and family members that attend or spectate at Berkshire Cricket held events (where applicable) have read and understood the Berkshire Cricket Code of Conduct (found in the Berkshire Player's handbook 2019) and associated rules and policies.

By signing below I consent to my child taking part in the above residential trip (Festival) including overnight stays. I accept that Berkshire Cricket reserves the right to send my child home at our expense if they jeopardise their safety, the safety of others or the good name of Berkshire Cricket. I have been made aware of the activities to be undertaken, and I confirm that my child is in good health and I consider them fit to participate. In the event of accident, misadventure or illness whilst away from home, I consent to any medical treatment which may be considered necessary given by a qualified medical practitioner.

    1. Recurring payments:
    2. Payments will be collected every 1st of the month (or on the next working day)