Minimum quantity for "2020 Youth Registration for Berkshire County Cricket Club" is 1.

2020 Youth Registration for Berkshire County Cricket Club

All players that attend a Berkshire County Cricket Club held or run event (either training or matches) are required to be registered with Berkshire County Cricket Club.

This form is used to register the player with Berkshire County Cricket Club and to pay the nominated fee. This will cover them for the 2020 Season including any of the Autumn, Winter and Summer programs that they may be selected for. Please ensure that you have entered the correct details as this will be used for all correspondence and player identification.

Please note that players that are not registered and fully paid up will not be legible for team or squad selection. 

If for some reason you are not able to pay this amount or there is a problem with paying over the Clubpay system (We will not be able to accept cash or cheque payments) - please contact admin@berkshirecricket.org.

    Berkshire County Cricket Club (BCCC) collects the personal information captured in this form to enable the respective representatives of BCCC to perform their duties in relation to County Cricket Coaching, Player representative matches and Player duty of care. Information collected is only shared with the respective officials of BCCC, our partners (County Cricket Boards, Development Cricket Program providers) that provide modular services for the player pathway and in some instances with the England and Wales Cricket Board. Further usage information can be found on each field on this form.

    I Consent to the data collected in this form may be stored and used by Berkshire County Cricket Club.

    To Qualify to play for Berkshire County Cricket Club in all County Representative Cricket for the Under 17 age group and below the player must meet one of the following criteria:

    (please note that this excludes training and respective courses and only relates to summer squad selection)

    Please only select one that is most relevant.

    Please tell us the Player's gender
    Please tell us the applicant's Ethnic Origin
    Please tell us the Player's Full First Name (no nicknames or abbreviations please)
    Please tell us the Player's Date of Birth. You can select it from the data control to the right of the field or type it directly into the field in the format DD/MM/YYYY
    School Attending during 2020 season
    Player's current Cricket club, if none please enter School name

    Please select the Primary (Main) and secondary skills of the player

    Please select the batting order that your child mostly plays (Use the highest representative form that they have played in order to determine appropriate batting order)

    Please enter the Player's Home Address

    Please enter the details that we are able to contact the Player or parent/carer on

    Please provide an email address that will be used for all electronic correspondance. If neccesary provide a second email address for our records. The primary email cannot be the Player's personal email address, it must be the parent / carer's please. The secondary email can be the player's

    Please provide a valid email address that can be used for all contact purposes relating to training, squad information etc
    This must be a different email address to the primary one, it can be another family member or it can be the Player's email address

    Please provide an alternative name, relationship and contact no that can be used in an emergency. This must not be the same as the current Parent / Carer details above. We require a minimum of 2 contact details for the player

    Please provide any conditions that the coaches need to be aware of. Please ensure if they are required to carry medication i.e. Asthma inhaler, that the coaches are also aware of this at the training sessions or matches

    Please provide brief details of any Significant Medical Conditions or any Allergies suffered by the applicant, together with details of any medication required
    Please provide us with any Dietary requirements i.e. Gluten Free, Vegan etc

    Photography and any forms of Media

    As parent/carer for the applicant, by completing the relevant check box I am indicating that I have no objection to their being photographed or videoed either in training and or matches. 

    I also do not object to those forms of media being published on a BCCC Website or a BCCC associated web site (i.e. Sponsor) or any other forms of Berkshire associated Media including electronic and print. This is separate published media to the results, statistics and Talent ID websites

    Video of player during training

    I do not object to my child being videoed by the respective coach during training sessions to provide a Development path for that player. This is separate to agreeing to standard Videoing by opposition, parents and content that may be published on a BCCC Website or a BCCC associated web site (i.e. Sponsor)

    Please ensure that you, the player and family members that attend or spectate at BCCC held events (where applicable) have read and understood the BCCC Code of Conduct (found in the Berkshire Player's handbook 2020) and associated rules and policies.